Some pictures and descriptions of the lovely rooms in Ivory Cottage

There is a double bedroom, kitchen/dining area, living room and bathroom - all decorated tastefully and comfortably. All the rooms are fitted with very high quality double glazing which provide superb insulation from the weather during the colder months, but have large windows for cooling in the summer.

The living room has 2 futons which can be used as beds for children or friends for those 'cosy' breaks for more than 2 people. This room leads out through french doors to the garden area which is equipped with a barbecue, table and chairs for those beautiful evenings or sunny days where you can enjoy the surroundings in comfort with a glass of wine and pleasant company.

Or if you wish, you can relax in the warmth to watch the TV or listen to the radio.

Living Room    20Kb JPEG


Kitchen      19Kb JPEG For those who wish to create more exotic meals, the well equipped kitchen provides all you need. Local shops and supermarkets have all the ingredients you need - a little imagination is all it takes.

A number of our residents have said they've tried things they haven't done before because being on holiday and relaxing encourages people to do something different.


In addition to the cooker, there is a microwave, electric kettle, toaster, refrigerator and all standard cooking implements.

The stained glass window in this picture came from the original oak front door of Carncrees Farm. Sadly, this door was replaced several years ago, but the glass was kept.

It provides a little more light and is a nice feature in the room.

Kitchen counter     23Kb JPEG


The bedroom has been decorated to make it as attractive as possible, after all you will probably spend more time in there than the other rooms!

The pine furniture, wicker chair and soft furnishings are designed for a country cottage feel - which after all, is what Ivory Cottage is!

There are nice pictures and ornaments as well as bed lamps and a double bed which can be split into 2 singles.


The room is centrally heated during the colder months and has a large window with large top opening windows.

The cushions and bed linen all combine to make a very pleasing and comfortable room.

Bedroom view     12Kb JPEG


Bathroom     10Kb JPEG The bathroom has been finished in gold fittings with a large shower cubicle complete with a thermostatic shower valve.

The black, grey, white and gold theme turns what might be a rather ordinary area into an attractive room which most people would be glad to have in their own homes.

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