A beautiful man-made lake created in the 60's to provide water to the surrounding areas

Ivory Cottage is a couple of minutes walk from Stithians Lake which is a water sports centre and a nature reserve as well as our local reservoir. Happily, for those of you who like water sports, Stithians Lake is reputed to be the windiest lake in England!!!!Stithians Dam

Windsurfing, sailing and canoeing are available from the water sports centre next to the Golden Lion pub. All year round, we see the enthusiastic sailors screaming across the lake at phenomenal speed.

Wind surfing is particularly popular here as the wind is fairly constant. For those who are first-timers, there is tuition available. Full details are in the cottage.


The dam was constructed in the 1960's and some of Carncrees Farm was compulsorily purchased in order to build the treatment plant. Around 20 farmsteads were engulfed as well as several cottages and acres of good farmland. During drought, the water level can become so low that some of the houses that were submerged when the lake was created, reappear. Moody Dam   14Kb JPEGLittle Ambella Farm & East Menorlue Farm appeared during the 1976 drought. Gate posts we seen still with their metal fastenings intact and farm lanes appeared which must have stirred many memories.

In the winter, we often see the dam overflowing - sometimes quite seriously. Don't worry though - we're on high ground. We have some friends downstream who have had to take extreme measures to prevent their property flooding. They now have a channel running across one of their fields to carry the extra volume of water in winter. 


Lake at Dawn   13Kb    JPEGWe take Barney (the dog) for a walk in the mornings and one winter morning I got the picture on the right looking across the lake. Sometimes it is so calm it's like glass.

We never take our beautiful area for granted. We are exceptionally lucky to be able to live here.

We get a lot of 'twitchers' by the lake as there is a bird sanctuary there which attracts all kinds of wildfowl. Some of which often stop at our quarry for a rest. In fact, we have a small family of mallards at present.

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